Shipping costs are automatically calculated by the shopping cart, according to some rather complex criteria. If you're interested, here is the detailed explanation :

Basically, our inventory is split between two locations : 8merch in Poland, and our HQ in Belgium.

8merch only has our own releases in stock. Since shipping costs for one LP are much cheaper from Poland, this makes it more affordable to purchase just one copy of any Viridian Flame title. However, if you'd like to also grab something our distro, the option to ship from Poland will become unavailable, since all of our distro items are physically located in Belgium.

Shipping from Belgium will be more expensive for single item orders, but can become cheaper for multiple items. Especially for western European countries, we often have a "flat rate" for shipping, meaning it never increases regardless of the items you order!
Below are the exact shipping costs we charge for each destination, in both cases. The Belgium rates are very complicated because we will use different shipping companies depending on the exact weight and destination

Shipping from Poland (8merch) :

Europe : 9€ for 1 LP, 14€ for 2 LP,...
North America : 9€ for 1 LP, 16€ for 2 LP,...
Asia : 11€ for 1 LP, 19€ for 2 LP,...
Rest of the World : 14€ for 1 LP, 25€ for 2 LP,...

Shipping from Belgium:

Belgium : 7€ flat rate

Netherlands : 9€ flat rate

Germany : 12€ flat rate

Spain : 13€ for 1-6 LP, 15€ for 7 LP or more

Austria, Italy, Portugal : 16€ for 1-6 LP, 18€ for 7 LP or more

France : 8€ flat rate with MondialRelay (livraison en point relais)
or 21€ flat rate with standard shipping

Denmark, Poland : 21€ flat rate

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden : 20€ for 1-2 LP (no tracking number), 29€ for 3 LP or more

UK, Russia, Switzerland, Rest of Europe : 13€ for 1-2 LP (no tracking number), 25€ for 3 LP or more

USA : 13€ for 1-2 LP (no tracking number), 25€ for 3 LP or more

Rest of the World : 22€ for 1-2 LP (no tracking number), 40€ for 3 LP or more (up to 5 kg), 90€ for more than 5kg